My Drastic Haircut Made for a Dramatic Day!

At first, I loved growing my hair out because I’ve never really had long hair. After a couple years, I grew irritated with long hair and thought it was crazy that people actually liked long hair.

It was always in my face and getting pulled. I started keeping it in a ponytail or braid.

When we were at my parents’ house one day, I mentioned that I wanted to get my hair cut because I was so tired of my long, boring hair.

My dad spoke up quickly. He wanted me to donate my hair so it could be made into a wig for a cancer patient.

I was definitely interested in the idea, but, when I looked up with requirements for hair donation, I knew I needed to wait several more months to get the minimum ten inches. I realized many more ponytails and braids were in my future because I really wanted to do this for my dad.

He was diagnosed with stage four non-Hodgkin lymphoma of the spine at the young age of thirty-seven.

So, there we were thirteen years later, standing in my parents’ kitchen ready for my haircut.

The length of my pre-cut hair.

The length of my pre-cut hair.

We tied my hair up with elastic, and the scissors came out. My heart was racing because of my nervous anticipation. Only those close to me in my family know how much I HATE getting my haircut, so they knew getting a extremely drastic cut like this was going to be a roller coaster for me.

My dad had the honors of cutting my tied hair.

My dad had the honors of cutting my tied hair.

I literally fought back tears (I mean…come on! Who cries when they get their haircut besides a child?!) when he was finished cutting my hair. Years of growing my hair out were cut off so fast.

My mom just had to get pictures of my dad with my ponytail of hair.

Long hair is not a good look for him! Haha!

Long hair is not a good look for him! Haha!

I was left with scraggly ends and an uneven length. (My dad shouldn’t be a barber! LOL)

After cut; pre-style

After cut; pre-style

Thankfully, my mom’s friend, Tammy, stepped in to give me a real cut! She’s great!




And just like that, she was finished!

The back

The back

The front

The front

Me and my dad!

Me and my dad!

When it was all said and done, I ended up getting fifteen inches cut off!!! That’s a whole lot of hair! The pictures really don’t do the length justice.

I will be donating my hair to Wigs 4 Kids and Childhood Leukemia Foundation.

I’m so glad I did it because a child who has lost their hair with be getting a real hair wig.

Now, I’m loving my short hair! It’s the perfect style and length! It’s super easy, and my husband no longer has to listen to me yell, “Ouch!” as I comb it and complain about my long hair.

All around, it’s a win-win!


5 thoughts on “My Drastic Haircut Made for a Dramatic Day!

  1. I loved this post and especially how your dad got the honor of cutting it! Wow how sweet! This is my goal too. I want to be able to say that, at least one time in my life, I had hair to my waist. Then I want to cut it, not quite short as yours, but just below my shoulder. I’m already so excited to do it but am going to have to wait another year or two to get it to my waist!

    • You’re hair is already super long! You’ll be able to donate a lot 🙂 There was no way I was waiting until it hit my waist. LOL I think this is the perfect length for me! Shoulders or below would be too much maybe. Can’t wait to read about your hair donation on your blog!

  2. I love your hair and am so happy that you had enough to donate. some
    little girl will be thrilled to have that dark, ,healthy , shiney hair. proud of you girly

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