Organizations I love!

Here are a list of organizations I love that work with military families.

MANning the Homefront

MANning’s Mission:
“MANning the Homefront seeks to strengthen “MANspouses” by organizing diverse activities that allow men to develop friendships, advocating for recognition as a group and DoD program support, and facilitating our members’ connections and service to the community in order to impact the families of service members in positive and constructive ways.” (taken from MANning’s Facebook page)

As the number of female soldiers quickly increases, the number of male military spouses (MANspouses) is quickly increasing. I love MANning the Homefront because they bring these men together and also bring forth resources directly for MANspouses. Since MANspouses have their own set of unique challenges, the strength of a MANspouse’s resilience is key. If you or someone you know is a MANspouse, be sure to share MANning the Homefront with them.

Operation Faithful Support

OFS’s Mission:
“Our mission is to bridge the gap between the military and civilian community and provide practical, and emotional support to service members and their families, while educating and equipping spouses to grow strong marriages and healthy relationships, not only to endure the deployment cycle, but to thrive in it.” (taken from OFS’s Facebook page)

Operation Faithful Support actively supports the service member and family before, during, and after deployment. OFS builds “strong and resilient marriages throughout the deployment cycle”. I love Operation Faithful Support because the real life information they put out. Operation Faithful Support is by far the best deployment resources for military marriages I’ve come in contact with!

Jamie Jarboe Foundation

JJF’s Mission:
“The mission of the Jamie Jarboe Foundation is to improve the health, morale and increase visible support for our Military with the assistance of fellow supporters around the world. Our goal is clear: To help our society transform itself for the better. Bringing Military Awareness to each community while assisting our Military battle PTSD, TBI and prevent suicide.”

After SSG Jamie Jarboe was wounded in Afghanistan, he was still thankful for the life God had given him and lived with no regrets. Jamie and his family have been an incredible testimony of God’s provision. Jamie always had a smile on his face and was always searching for a way to give to others. His selflessness was an inspiration to many, and his memory lives on through the lives of his wife, Melissa, and their three children. Fulfilling his last wish to care for his soldiers, Melissa founded the Jamie Jarboe Foundation to serve the members of the United States Armed Forces and their families. She is fighting for great healthcare for those that sacrifice and giving back our military and families in need.


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