Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

[written 12/21/2012]

I love snow! It’s not a secret. I become a giddy little child again when it starts snowing.

This morning (or should I say this afternoon when we finally woke up) was no different when my husband told me it had snowed. I just laid there thinking it was a slight dusting because that’s what people were saying on Facebook. I’ve learned my lesson to not believe the news of Facebook!

When I finally looked out the window, we had a gorgeous pile of snow on our lawn with huge snowflakes falling!!! I start squealing because it looks like we’ll have a white Christmas after all!

Everyone I know hates know. They hate the cold and ice. They just hate winter.

Not me! I’ve always found something magical in snow but never really thought about what made it magical until today.

I saw snow for the first time today as a symbol of God covering our dirty, awful hearts with Christ’s love just like the blanket of snow on our lawn is covering up all the mud, holes, and icky brown grass. When God looks down from heaven, He doesn’t see our icky brown hearts; He sees the purity of Christ covering our hearts.

The snow has to come before we can celebrate Christ’s resurrection in the spring.

The Snow on our hearts comes before God’s calls His children home.

Playing in the snow for the first time this season!

Playing in the snow for the first time this season!