Our Love Story

It all started in junior high whether Mister and I liked it or not. My parents’ had their eye on Mister for my future husband for what seemed like forever.

Mister’s mom was my teacher for several of my classes during junior high and high school. When I was just a seventh grader, my parents’ went in for Parent/Teacher Conferences and met with Mister’s mom. At the end of the conference, my mom pronounced to Mister’s mom that I was going to marry her son some day! When I found out, I was mortified! (What teen wouldn’t be?!)

My sophomore year, he began flirting with me, and I definitely wasn’t interested. I was dating someone I had a crush on since junior high at the time.

At a basketball game, I was talking with Mister before the game and mentioned something about my boyfriend. He was taken back because he had no idea I was dating someone! Can you say awkward?!

A few weeks later my long-time crush and I broke up.

Mister swooped down to pick up the pieces of my broken heart. Well, at least he tried to heal my broken heart. I wasn’t having anything to do with it.

He asked me out several times, and every. single. time. I said no! Wow–I’m harsh! Poor guy!

But he wouldn’t give up.

He got in close with my dad since my dad is a mechanic and Mister loves all that mechanics stuff.

My whole entire stinkin’ family loved him and kept pushing me to date him.

Really, people…get a grip! I’m not dating him!

Finally, I totally caved! I said yes to the millionth time he asked me out.

I can take you back to the exact time and place of the moment I fell in love with him, the moment I knew he was the one for me. This moment hit me like a ton of bricks. Call me crazy, but I would have married him right then and there!

Of course, I didn’t mention that to him at the time because he probably would have been creeped out and ran the other way!

He joined the National Guard at seventeen and was leaving for basic in November.

Basic and AIT were the LOOOOOOONGEST six months of my life so far! He was at basic and AIT while I was a junior in high school. My poor classmates had to deal with my whiplash mood swings and my family got even more of it. Let’s just say I didn’t handle being away from him as well as I could have. Ya live and learn, right???

He was finally home from AIT in May and proposed just three months later. Saying yes this time was definitely a no brainer!

I spent my senior year home-schooled due to health issues and planning our wedding! The date was set for July 3, 2010, and I was ecstatic!!!

I was married at eighteen. He was nineteen. There was so much conflict from others about our marriage, but we were 100% positive we were doing the right thing!

He has stood by me through all my health issues for four and a half years. Every problem that comes our way, we have faced it together. We are a united front through everything.

We have been living in marital bliss and are looking forward to many, many, many more years together!


3 thoughts on “Our Love Story

  1. And Kyle was a trooper that summer between your junior and senior year of high school, you were soooo sick and he was right there by your side the whole time and carried you when you couldn’t walk into each trip to the ER.

    And the only thing I told his mom was that she would never get a homemade knitted afghan for Christmas if you and Kyle were to ever get married, because you cried every night over your home ec knitting project that she had y’all doing. I never dreamed you’d marry Kyle, bc you always said he was stuck up! Lol

    • Stuck up–that made me chuckle! Now that I think about it, I most likely said no to him so many times and didn’t like him in the least was because y’all were wanting me to date him. Come on…what teen wants to date the person their parents’ say?! LOL

  2. and I remember you asking me, ”what should I do, he is texting and texting” told ypu to just have him come over for a visit, and I think when you did , you fell, hook line and sinker. love your blog

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