We’ve Expanded Our Home by Four Feet!

Yesterday, I blogged about our week-long celebration of Christmas and told you I’d tell you later what my EPIC Christmas present was from Santa and my parents’.

Mister and my mom have been plotting for a few months now about a Christmas present idea for me. They wouldn’t hint as to what it would be. Every time I would touch Mister’s phone, I would get “scolded.” I wasn’t allowed anywhere near his phone or email. I tried to get my parents’ to tell me what it was, but they wouldn’t budge.

Mister wrapped  this big box, and it was heavy! My mind started racing. I couldn’t figure out what was inside. I knew it definitely wasn’t on my list.

As Christmas drew new, I was getting more and more excited! And Mister was too!!!

My cousins came to visit for Christmas and were staying at my parents’ house. When I talked to my mom and B, they said B got a puppy for Christmas. My heart sank because I’ve been wanting a puppy so bad for so long! I was bitten by the green monster.

When we finally went to my parents’ house this past Saturday, B’s gorgeous puppy met me at the door, and I immediately fell in love!

On Christmas Eve, we went to my parents’ house again to hang out with the family. After everybody had opened their Elfster presents, Mister told me I could open the mysterious big box!

When I first opened the box and saw a dog toy, I was confused. We had agreed that we can’t afford a dog. When Mister was pointing towards the door, it didn’t even occur to me that B’s puppy was REALLY my puppy because I had been told over and over that she was B’s puppy. I was ecstatic!!! The whole family knew about the surprise, and I’m so shocked they were able to keep it a secret for so long!

Noel, wearing her Christmas sweater and bow

Noel, wearing her Christmas sweater and bow

We changed her name to Noel. She is a well-behaved, hyper, five month old shorkie.

We love hearing the pitter-patter of little paws on the floor. We love puppy kisses and cuddles. We just love having a puppy!!!

Our Christmas family picture

Our Christmas family picture


Christmas Blessings!

The whirlwind of Christmas is over. All of the presents have been opened. There are lots of leftovers in the fridge. Now, it’s relaxation time…

December 19

College and Career Class of Bethel Baptist Church Christmas party! It was a BLAST! We had a “white elephant” gift exchange and just fellowshipped. There was lots of noise, food, fun, and laughs! We are definitely looking forward to the next CCC gathering!!!

December 22

Christmas lunch with my in-laws! We received a weather radio as our emergency gift, a P. Graham Dunn picture which was absolutely stunning, and cash. We love P. Graham Dunn and have so much fun scouring their stores!

Us with my handsome Prince's parents and grandfather. I think that's a great picture for using self-time for the first time! LOL

Us with Mister’s parents and grandfather. I think that’s a great picture for using self-time for the first time! LOL

College and Career Class of BBC outing to Stan Hywet Hall. Stan Hywet Hall is an old mansion that is now a museum. Each room was decorated to a different Christmas song theme. After SHH, we went back to the church to wrap Christmas presents for the junior church.

Miss Tammy and I standing on a bench outside the Stan Hywet mansion trying to get super close to the heater (not pictured).

Miss T and I standing on a bench outside the Stan Hywet mansion trying to get super close to the heater (not pictured).

Santa and I at Stan Hywet Hall

Santa and I at Stan Hywet Hall

My handsome Prince and I wrapping gifts at BBC after Stan Hywet Hall.

Mister and I wrapping gifts at BBC after Stan Hywet Hall. Of course, he is making a funny face! LOL

December 23-Christmas Sunday at Bethel Baptist Church

December 23-Christmas Sunday at Bethel Baptist Church

December 24-I spent the morning baking doggie/cat treats for the spoiled animals to have on Christmas day. We went to my parents’ house in the afternoon to hang out, eat pizza, and have an Elfster gift exchange.

Just hanging out with the family.

Just hanging out with the family

December 25-CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!! *insert happy dance here*

Waking up early, we ran downstairs to open presents! Santa gave me movies, movies, movies! We had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and got ready to go to my parents’ where we opened more presents. My parents’ got me a dress, guardian angel figurine and car charm, PJs, satin sheets, cloth napkins and a Juki sewing machine with lessons!!! I can’t wait to share all of my creations with you!!!

Christmas morning! Still sleepy-eyed but ready to open lots of presents!!!

Christmas morning! Still sleepy-eyed but ready to open lots of presents!!!

My new sewing machine! I'm so excited!!! (Man, why didn't anyone tell me my hair was a wreck?! LOL)

My new sewing machine! I’m so excited!!! (Man, why didn’t anyone tell me my hair was a wreck?! LOL)

Our semi-mini feast

Our semi-mini feast

Us before Christmas dinner! Yummy :)

Us before Christmas dinner! Yummy 🙂

We had a wonderful week spending time with family and most importantly celebrating Christ’s birth!!! Christmas is always an amazing time of the year!

Also, Santa and my parents’ got me another EPIC Christmas present, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it is…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Today is the day we celebrate the birth of  Jesus.
2,000 years ago there was no room for Him in the inn much like this world today.
Let’s make room for Him in our hearts!

Luke 2: 10&11
“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”

Luke 2: 13&14
“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

Have a great Christmas with your family and friends!
Merry Christmas!

From God, with love

Yesterday morning’s church service, Pastor D preached about the greatest gift–Jesus. And with Jesus comes salvation.

Salvation isn’t a gift that will break in five minutes or deteriorate over time. The gift of salvation is everlasting, literally. We can never lose it, and God will never take it back.

Parents tell their children all year that if they’re good, they will get Christmas presents. Now, we know this is certainly unattainable. I mean come one! What child is good ALL. YEAR. LONG?! (Certainly not me!) God gave us His Son no matter our sinful condition just like any parent today gives Christmas gifts to their children.

God loves us so much He sent His precious Son for our icky sinful hearts so we can spend an eternity skipping (seriously, who is going to just walk) down streets of gold. I don’t know of any parent that would sacrifice their child for someone else. I certainly wouldn’t!

God gave us an eternal gift. Think about that…ETERNAL! Eternity is just something the human mind can’t fathom.

This gift of Jesus (Salvation) won’t break, deteriorate, or be destroyed. No one can take it away.

So, here ya go…God’s handing you Jesus–the greatest Gift–born in a manger.

From God, with love!

Where was God? (Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre 12/14/2012)

A mad man goes into an elementary school and starting shooting everyone he sees. Teachers start hiding their children to keep them from harm and sacrificing their own life. Twenty precious, little children and six heroic teachers lose their life. The first responders are heroes for the images they saw that day will be forever etched in their memory. The police tell the surviving children to close their eyes as they exit the school so they don’t see the horrific scene before them. The emergency medical teams save as many lives as they can. There are embraces and tears as parents claim their child. Each parent is squeezing their child a much tighter. There is much weeping and wailing outside the school of parents that don’t have a child to claim. These parents will go home and look in the closet at all the presents their child will never get to open. These parents won’t be able to see their child’s reaction on Christmas Day.

“Where was God?” “Why didn’t He stop it?” These are just a couple of questions many in America begin to ask and many people become angry, become bitter, because God didn’t save the little children and heroic adults.

God was watching over this earth weeping at how far this country has turned against Him. God’s heart was breaking as He watched a man enter Sandy Hook Elementary School with a mission to kill as many as possible.

But God gave man the freedom of choice. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve chose to eat of the forbidden fruit which led to a sin cursed world. That one decision in the Garden created a world where people don’t care about others or God. God gave us a freedom of choice. He will never force anyone to choose right just like He won’t force anyone to choose wrong. Yes, God could have stopped it. After all, He has the power to do anything He wants. If God would’ve stopped this mad man, He would’ve have gone back on His promises.

This shooter had the choice, and he chose to do wrong.

We have a choice to turn to God or away from God. Which one are you choosing? I’m definitely choosing God because…

Only He can heal all the pain in the world…

Only He can bring true comfort to this hurting world…

Only He can bring everlasting peace to this world…

Pray for the family and friend of the victims. Pray for the shooter’s family because they will become ostracized for even knowing the shooter and they still need Christ. Pray for Newtown, Connecticut. Pray for our country!

The War on Christmas

The cashier said, “Happy Holidays!” as we ran through the checkout line. Politicians say, “Happy Holidays!” after their speeches. Others say, “Happy Holidays!” to be sure not to offend. Pastors everywhere are preaching of the injustice because the government has taken Christ out of Christmas.

Are Christians being distracted by this argument and not truly celebrating Christ’s birth? Are Christians more interested in winning an argument than spreading the good news?

Putting the rights of oneself before the needs of others will hinder the name of Christ. We can’t force others to accept Christ nor do I want to.

Maybe if we showed the world Christ, we wouldn’t have to argue about being politically correct. Maybe if we showed the world Christ, we could live in peace. Let’s show the world why we celebrate Christmas. Let’s show the world what’s in our hearts. Let’s show the world love. Let’s show the world Christ!  No one can take Christ out of our hearts.