Why “Faith Full Marriage”?

When I was praying earnestly about the direction God wanted me to go with blogging, it became quite clear to me. Marriage.

My heart  aches for the hurting marriages in this world. My heart aches for hurting lives in this world.

My heart celebrates the specialty of marriage and the uniqueness it brings.

In an age where divorce is a common occurrence and redefining marriage is a top priority, the encouragement, love, and support for a God-centered marriage is extremely limited. God joined Adam and Eve in marriage way before the church was formed and, much like the Garden of Eden, marriage is holy, sacred.

Since my mind operates like a pin-ball machine, I write all over the place. Some might wonder why my blog title says it’s about marriage, but everything in our lives affects our marriage whether we realize it or not. Our past as shaped our present, and our present will shape our future.

I’m baring my soul to you to show you the good, bad, and ugly of my life. I blog for memories. I blog to set my thoughts out on the table. I blog because I love to write. I blog because I’m an introvert. I don’t have any eloquent words or profound thoughts. I only have great Words of Wisdom from our heavenly Father.

Cherish means to protect, care for, or hold something dear. I desire to protect my marriage, to care for my husband and hold him dear to my heart. I want to cherish my marriage!

One can have a great marriage if they have a marriage full of faith in the One Who ordained the sacred union.


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