21 Facts About Me for My 21st Birthday

My 21st birthday is 4 wake-ups away, and I am pumped! These facts will most likely be useless, and I am going to try to give you things that are not in my bio already. So here we go…

1. My name is Kayla. I use “K” because it is short and sweet (just like me! hehe).

2. I absolutely LOOOOOVE my middle name. Estelle, Estelle, Estelle. It is so pretty. My middle name was named after my great grandmother.

Gram and I when I was a baby

Gram and I when I was a baby

3. I looooove Reese cups and orange juice…together. I think it is one of the best food combinations ever! Yum!

4. I am a total foodie. You can read more about that here.

5. I met three of my closest friends via Facebook.

6. I love animals, especially dogs and horses. I rode my first horse solo when I was five years old.

7. I oil pull at least once a day (sometimes twice) for 20 minutes with extra virgin coconut oil.

8. I write in cursive 99% of the time because printing is boring.

9. I am obsessed with printed socks/knee-highs. Plain white socks are super boring!

10. I was a cheerleader in high school and was the flyer.

I loooooved stunting!

I loooooved stunting!

11. I was born an only child, but when I was about seven years old, my parents’ attained custody of my cousin; therefore, I was not raised an only child.

Family picture when Justin and I were 15/16ish

Family picture when Justin and I were 15/16ish

12. I play the piano but only for my own enjoyment. My fibromyalgia and RA really interferes with it.

13. I grew up a city girl, but I now live in the country. I prefer the country over the city!

14. I love to dance. It is a blast!

15. I hate editing. I do not edit pictures (except for watermarks), and I will only read through a blog post once (maybe twice) before I schedule it to be published. Should I spend more time editing? Most likely but do not count on that happening…

16. I very, very, VERY rarely wear make-up. Since I have been married, I have probably only worn it three times.

Our wedding!

Our wedding!

While visiting a friend! We had professional pictures taken.

While visiting a friend, we had professional pictures taken.

17. I own a handgun.

18. I am an introvert. Many criticize introverts, but I encourage criticizers to read “I *want* to be all by myself” and “Guide to Understanding the Introverted.” Not everyone can be a people person…

19. I traveled a lot growing up and still love to travel. Visiting new places is so much fun!

20. Whenever I have a piece of paper in front of me, I have to doodle. I just cannot stop myself. Plus, I seem to pay attention better to whatever is going on when I am doodling.

21. My husband and I have matching tattoos! We were inked during our honeymoon. We have each others initials. Mine is on my left wrist, and his is on his right wrist so that when we are holding hands, our tattoos kiss. I know…totally weird! Ha!

Our very fresh tattoos!

Our very fresh tattoos!

So there you go! I hoped this helped you get to know me better.

I “stole” this idea from two of my friends, Aprille and Kathryn. Aprille blogs at Beautiful in His Time, and Kathryn blogs at Singing Through the Rain. Thanks, ladies, for the idea!


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