A Hero Who Will Never Be Forgotten

One year ago today, a great hero went home. I am sure he received a heroes welcome when he walked through those pearly gates.

SSG Jamie Jarboe was shot by a sniper on April 10, 2011 in the Zhari District of Afghanistan. Due to the penetration of the bullet, he was left a paralyzed from the chest down. After 11 long months of fighting for his life, our dear heavenly Father took this hero home. His memory lives on through his wife, two daughters and one adopted son. There is comfort in knowing Jamie is walking streets of gold with a perfect body.

In his memory, his wife, Melissa, founded the Jamie Jarboe Foundation to support our military in any way they can. The Foundation has grown tremendously over the past year and has helped many soldiers and their families.

Jamie and Melissa will always been in my heart. The fight they fought has not gone unnoticed. I admire them so much!

Have fun in Heaven, Jamie! Cannot wait to see you someday!

In loving memory of SSG Jamie Jarboe!

In loving memory of SSG Jamie Jarboe!

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3 thoughts on “A Hero Who Will Never Be Forgotten

  1. How do we get one of these shirts? I’ve been following SSG Jarboe’s page for over a year now and would love to show my support!!

  2. One of the most profound things I have ever heard from a family member that lost their soldier was this: “He’s marching in the Lord’s Army now”. Love this post and this foundation!

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