Our Valentine’s Day Celebrations 2013

We had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!!! I decorated the house with lots (I forgot to count, but it was close to last year’s 150) of candles. We dressed up in our fanciest. The menu was salad, steak with baked potatoes and onion, and chocolate cake with hot chocolate served on our fabulous heart-shaped plates and bowls! I even made Mister a heart-shaped homemade marshmallow! It was delicious!!!

Two days later, we had our Valentine’s date day out. We had Deluxe for breakfast. They have the BEST donuts! I wish I could eat there every day!!! After Deluxe, we dropped off Noel at my parents’ so they could puppysit.

We arrived at the mall super early to see Safe Haven. We were so early that the ticket booth wasn’t even open yet, so we walked around the mall and I got an early birthday present–Hunter Hayes’ CD! I have listened to the CD non-stop since then. I love every single song on this CD which is a rarity for me since I’m very picky.

Finally the theater was open. Safe Haven was very good–different from the book but still good! After the movie we walked around the mall a little bit then went gun, book, and clothes shopping. I bought 3 books from Half Price Books and a new super cheap outfit from Plato’s!

We went to Olive Garden for dinner using our gift card from the banquet. Dinner was amazing! We ate so many breadsticks, chicken flatbread, and salad that we didn’t even touch our main course. That makes dinner for another day!

Overall, we had a great Valentine’s! We had so much fun with each other and are very thankful he was home this year!

What’d you do for Valentine’s Day?


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