Honor a Widow(er)

Many men and women have lost their spouse. Whether to war, cancer, suicide, or another way, it’s never easy to go through Valentine’s Day without their spouse. Seeing all the happy couples can be tremendously difficult.

As a military spouse, it’s difficult when my husband isn’t with me for Valentine’s Day; but I couldn’t imagine him not being here ever.

Here are some ways to honor a widow(er)…

1) Buy flowers/chocolates
2) Pay for a massage
3) Take them out for a special dinner
4) Surprise them with dinner at your/their house
5) Buy a gift card for their favorite store
6) Write them a letter and tell them what they mean to you
7) Give them a hug. A simple hug can go a long way!
8) Have a party/get together for all the widow(er)s
9) Pay for their groceries for a week
10) Offer babysitting so they can have some quiet time

There are many other ways to honor a widow(er) and make them feel special especially during a time when it’s all about couples. Get creative!


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