Why I Adore Valentine’s Day!

February is officially here! I’m ecstatic! During the month of February is a holiday that I love because it’s celebrating love! I love Valentine’s Day more than Christmas, and that’s saying a lot!

Many don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because of it’s origins or commercialization. Who cares what the origins are. Who cares about the commercialization. Not this Mrs.!

I look forward to Valentine’s Day since December 26. No need to waste time here. I start preparing. Planning the menu. Planning our date night in. Planning our date night out. Planning the decorations. Fiercely digging all around the internet for fabulous Valentine’s Day ideas. Thank God for Pinterest even though I’m not a huge fan of it typically.

Last year, our apartment was lit with over 150 candles. Our favorite love songs played in the background. We ate my delicious sweet-n-sour chicken with Momma Wu’s eggrolls.

I can’t divulge this year’s secret plans because Mister will be reading this, and it’s a surprise as always! But I will say that we have at least two weeks of Valentine’s Day plans.

I love Valentine’s Day because of the love that fills the air. I welcome Valentine’s Day with open arms because if it reminds me to hug my husband a little tighter, to give him way more kisses than usual, to go above and beyond in caring for him, to love him more then I’m all for it!

Valentine’s Day is one of those maintenance times of year that I believe is essential to every marriage.

If you will, think of marriage like a car. A car needs maintenance often just like marriage. Filling up the tank can be the equivalent to date night. Valentine’s Day is like changing the oil. (Wait–did I just equate marriage to a car?!?!?! Mister is rubbing off on me, and that’s  not good! Haha!) I hope you get the picture.

I heard several times that the love shown on Valentine’s Day should be shown all year round, and I agree! But how often do we get caught up in life and forget to work on our love, the passion, for our spouse. Slow down. Take a day and remember why you love your spouse. Remember why God brought you together. Remember what vision you have for your marriage.

I love my wonderful husband more than I can ever describe, and Valentine’s Day is one of those times when I can do something really spectacular for him!


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Why do you love it? Or not?


6 thoughts on “Why I Adore Valentine’s Day!

  1. We don’t do much for Valentine’s day. We view it as “mandatory fun” and my husband hates feeling forced to do things. But he did bring home chocolate, a card, and a movie for an impromptu date night on Sunday. It was perfection!

    • Awww! How’d you like “The Lucky One”? I have a hard time seeing Zac Efron as a Marine because I still have a vision of him and High School Musical. Ha! I don’t think that vision will ever go away.

      We always go big and bold for Valentine’s Day! We don’t really do presents though. I’d rather make memories. Watching movies is a great memory! Those moments are always so special!

      • We both thought it was great…and he almost looks like a different actor now. It took me a minute to even realize it was him. He plays the part pretty convincingly, and really the only marine scenes are the first few moments and all the rest of the movie is after he is out of the military.

    • Yes, it was!

      I bought 150+ votive candles from Amazon for super cheap. I just scatter them everywhere and makes the house looks so pretty!

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