With Big Decisions Comes Big Miracles

Today we made a big decision.

We have been fervently praying for the past couple weeks or so about Mister quitting his third-shift part-time job. He was at peace with this decision which meant it was all up to me.

He kept talking about wanting to quit and the reasons why, but I just couldn’t give it up completely.

Sure, this job had exhausted him beyond belief and I dearly missed my husband, but the small paycheck each week was nice, especially since we have been struggling so much financially.

Finally, after two weeks of God giving VERY obvious signs to me, I “let” Mister go ahead and give his two-weeks notice.

This decision might sound a little crazy to you since I’ve been blabbering about our financial difficulties, but let me explain how we came to this decision. Or should I say how God brought us to this decision.

When Mister took this third-shift part-time job, he was trying to pay our bills and make us secure financially in his own power. In his fallible mind, this seemed like the logical thing to do.

But this decision brought on more financial burdens than before. It, also, caused a strain on our marriage and left my poor husband worn out. We both became very susceptible to Satan’s attacks.

He has worked part-time jobs before, and it wasn’t nearly as hard as it has been this time. God actually blessed us then. His blessing wasn’t on this current part-time job.

Mister’s last night at his part-time job with be January 31 which is fantastic timing for a whole month of celebrating Valentine’s Day!!!

We are completely trusting God to pay our bills, and He WILL because we believe in His power! Just watch…you’re going to see a miracle 🙂


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