From God, with love

Yesterday morning’s church service, Pastor D preached about the greatest gift–Jesus. And with Jesus comes salvation.

Salvation isn’t a gift that will break in five minutes or deteriorate over time. The gift of salvation is everlasting, literally. We can never lose it, and God will never take it back.

Parents tell their children all year that if they’re good, they will get Christmas presents. Now, we know this is certainly unattainable. I mean come one! What child is good ALL. YEAR. LONG?! (Certainly not me!) God gave us His Son no matter our sinful condition just like any parent today gives Christmas gifts to their children.

God loves us so much He sent His precious Son for our icky sinful hearts so we can spend an eternity skipping (seriously, who is going to just walk) down streets of gold. I don’t know of any parent that would sacrifice their child for someone else. I certainly wouldn’t!

God gave us an eternal gift. Think about that…ETERNAL! Eternity is just something the human mind can’t fathom.

This gift of Jesus (Salvation) won’t break, deteriorate, or be destroyed. No one can take it away.

So, here ya go…God’s handing you Jesus–the greatest Gift–born in a manger.

From God, with love!


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