Where was God? (Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre 12/14/2012)

A mad man goes into an elementary school and starting shooting everyone he sees. Teachers start hiding their children to keep them from harm and sacrificing their own life. Twenty precious, little children and six heroic teachers lose their life. The first responders are heroes for the images they saw that day will be forever etched in their memory. The police tell the surviving children to close their eyes as they exit the school so they don’t see the horrific scene before them. The emergency medical teams save as many lives as they can. There are embraces and tears as parents claim their child. Each parent is squeezing their child a much tighter. There is much weeping and wailing outside the school of parents that don’t have a child to claim. These parents will go home and look in the closet at all the presents their child will never get to open. These parents won’t be able to see their child’s reaction on Christmas Day.

“Where was God?” “Why didn’t He stop it?” These are just a couple of questions many in America begin to ask and many people become angry, become bitter, because God didn’t save the little children and heroic adults.

God was watching over this earth weeping at how far this country has turned against Him. God’s heart was breaking as He watched a man enter Sandy Hook Elementary School with a mission to kill as many as possible.

But God gave man the freedom of choice. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve chose to eat of the forbidden fruit which led to a sin cursed world. That one decision in the Garden created a world where people don’t care about others or God. God gave us a freedom of choice. He will never force anyone to choose right just like He won’t force anyone to choose wrong. Yes, God could have stopped it. After all, He has the power to do anything He wants. If God would’ve stopped this mad man, He would’ve have gone back on His promises.

This shooter had the choice, and he chose to do wrong.

We have a choice to turn to God or away from God. Which one are you choosing? I’m definitely choosing God because…

Only He can heal all the pain in the world…

Only He can bring true comfort to this hurting world…

Only He can bring everlasting peace to this world…

Pray for the family and friend of the victims. Pray for the shooter’s family because they will become ostracized for even knowing the shooter and they still need Christ. Pray for Newtown, Connecticut. Pray for our country!


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