The War on Christmas

The cashier said, “Happy Holidays!” as we ran through the checkout line. Politicians say, “Happy Holidays!” after their speeches. Others say, “Happy Holidays!” to be sure not to offend. Pastors everywhere are preaching of the injustice because the government has taken Christ out of Christmas.

Are Christians being distracted by this argument and not truly celebrating Christ’s birth? Are Christians more interested in winning an argument than spreading the good news?

Putting the rights of oneself before the needs of others will hinder the name of Christ. We can’t force others to accept Christ nor do I want to.

Maybe if we showed the world Christ, we wouldn’t have to argue about being politically correct. Maybe if we showed the world Christ, we could live in peace. Let’s show the world why we celebrate Christmas. Let’s show the world what’s in our hearts. Let’s show the world love. Let’s show the world Christ!  No one can take Christ out of our hearts.


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